CSUSB offers transportation related courses from across the curriculum. From Computer Science/Engineering to Supply Chain Management, students can cultivate a comprehensive knowledge base that will benefit them in future careers.

CSUSB houses the LTC, but education extends beyond our university campus. We want to spread knowledge and awareness to all parts of the community, and this website acts as an entry point to understanding transportation issues in the Inland Empire.

A few careers in transportation:


Transportation Planner Transportation Manager Surveyor
Transportation Engineer Environmental Planner Historian
Civil Engineer City Manager Biologist
Urban / Regional / City Planner Anthropologist / Archaeologist Public Policy
Arts in Transportation Architect Logistics
Computer / Software Landscape Architect GIS
Public Administration


Local employers in transportation:


California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) Government transit agencies (RTA, Omnitrans, LA Metro, OCTA)
Private Engineering and Planning firms Distribution Warehouse Centers Construction Management
Railroad Companies County Governments City Governments
Construction Trucking Companies