Research 2010 - 2011


Project Title


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Academic Journal Proposal (seed)


Kristie Ogilvie,



Supply Chain Training/Education Report (seed)


Howard Forman,



Final Report


Mitigating Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Mixes (need)


Ashraf Rahim,

Cal Poly SLO


Health Risks of Transportation related Emissions: A GIS Assessment (need)


Yong Lao,



SB375 Toolkit Outreach and Training Development: Phase 2 (need)


Mike Reibel,

Cal Poly Pomona


Assessing the Legal and Economic Impacts of Container Fees Used to Finance Transportation Improvements and Enchance Air Quality (need)


Chris Carr,

Cal Poly SLO


Financing Public Transportation Facilities through Public Private Partnerships in American States (need)


Anna Ni,



Final Report