The LTC and its affiliates will conduct research that informs policy and practice. We will make this research accessible to a variety of user groups, such as transportation agencies and elected officials. We will also build user groups into each project. This process will streamline the distribution of abstract research and data into public policy and practice. Desired outcomes of research conducted include the following:


  • Needs-based research projects which reflect the user's priority needs based on extensive contact and discussion with such users and which reflect Caltrans and USDOT R&D priorities.
  • Research projects that help translate transportation findings and recommendations to a format and methods of presentation, which can be understood and used by transportation policy makers.

These projects will be consistent with the Center theme. We will establish a peer review process and procedures which are fair, focused on the highest priority projects, and which link our project selection process to the national research, development, and technology priorities of USDOT.

Other goals include:


  • Deliver and transfer recent project results and information which is in a form which is usable by other researchers and transportation professionals
  • Become integral to and accessible and valued by participants in the Southern California transportation community and Caltrans and the DOT
  • Introduce technology and information though publications, presentations, and direct involvement with transportation providers
  • Commercialize innovative ideas, products, and services
  • Coordinate technology transfer activities with Caltrans
  • Assist on-campus and off-campus faculty and other institutes and universities to disseminate research findings which are consistent with our theme to a wider and diverse audience
  • Create an outreach program that will help breakdown the fragmentation of transportation decision-making and create a more collaborative approach to solving Southern California’s transportation issues